Canada Legalizes Cannabis – Will That Accelerate National Legalization in the U.S.?

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Last week, Canada legalizes cannabis. Yet, it still remains illegal under federal law in the United States. It wasn’t always like this. Cannabis was legal in the United States until 1937 when the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 basically banned it because of a propaganda campaign personified by a movie named “Reefer Madness.” But let us not forget that it was the States that first outlawed marijuana between 1913 and 1931 before the feds finally moving to do the same thing. Now, the same is happening in the opposite direction. But is there a way to accelerate legalization?

According to Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, he has a plan that he sent out as a memo to fellow House members. His plan is by far the most comprehensive document that shows a roadmap for complete cannabis legalization at the federal level. However, he does call his plan a “Democratic Effort,” predicting a win for the Democrats in the upcoming election. But why can’t this be a bipartisan effort? This country is divided enough; one party does not and should not control cannabis legalization. Especially that the majority of Republicans now support cannabis legalization.

Find your representatives in Congress, and get in touch with them. Let them know your opinions about cannabis legalization, and give them the power to change existing laws.

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State-By-State WeedUpdate


Unfortunately, a State study panel did not reach a consensus and therefore did not recommend medical marijuana. Back in August, 100s of activists and lawmakers gathered around the State library pushing for a state-run medical marijuana program. Luckily, there are lawmakers that will be introducing bills to get a State medical marijuana program off the ground. Find your representatives at the State Senate and voice your support for medicinal cannabis.


Michigan State Governor, Rick Snyder, signed a law banning marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks. This precedes voters of the state electing to tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol, sending a signal that they know recreational cannabis will be legalized this November.


Even though Mississippi signed a medical marijuana bill back in 2014, most recipients of such a program are still waiting to receive any access to the medicinal plant. Enter A well-funded, well-organized group that has its eyes set on creating a compassionate medical marijuana industry that actually works. Head on over to their website and show them some support.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire lawmakers decriminalized possession of cannabis back in January and were waiting for a report to be released next month assessing the effect of legalizing recreational marijuana. Of course, the entire police force and related associations in the state held a press conference. voicing their disapproval of legalization. Just the other day lawmakers debated marijuana legalization, check out their arguments here.

They would rather wait and see how it will affect other states before passing legislation. Why don’t we let the people decide? Find your representatives here and let your voice be heard.

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New Jersey

Yet another township, this time Freehold Township, has banned recreational cannabis businesses of any kind operating within its boundaries. This precedes the state’s march to complete marijuana legalization. The Township Committee is just being careful and protecting the community –which is what they are entrusted to do. According to, Deputy Mayor Thomas Cook said,

To say the state is going to make a change and we are going to rely on the state, we are not going to trust the state. They have failed us miserably for decades, so we have to protect our interests. Should the state, the feds or all move forward, we can adapt the ordinance in the blink of an eye

Deputy Mayor Thomas Cook

The State, however, is moving forward and legalization is inevitable. But now there are reports that the vote might be delayed due to a lack of broad support. The President of the State Senate, Stephen Sweeney, is now urging Governor Murphy to help in convincing some lawmakers to cast a vote for legalization. The New Jersey cannabis legalization drama continues. If you are a resident of New Jersey and want your lawmakers to vote for recreational marijuana, find them and contact them here.

West Virginia

Candidates for the West Virginia legislature answered an email survey of what they would prioritize if they were elected. According to, Bibi Hahn of the 58th district wrote,

Legalizing recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana could add $194 million annually in tax revenue, create thousands of jobs and many business opportunities. States with legal marijuana have realized a decrease in drug-overdose deaths. Marijuana is West Virginia’s No. 1 cash crop, and is one of the top 10 marijuana-producing states in the nation

Bibi Hahn, 58th district

Show him some love and vote for him this November 6th! It is a big deal that Canada legalizes cannabis before we did. Get active and contact your representatives. It really works!

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