Coach Fired for Anti Legal Weed Remarks

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Coach Fired for His Email About Colorado State’s Weed Laws

A Texas university coach has been fired for remarks he made to a potential student from Colorado. The coach said that they were not accepting students from Colorado because they tend to fail drug tests and that he should blame the liberal politicians in his state for his unfortunate rejection. The university investigated, fired the coach, then apologized to the potential student, stating that they would be happy to have him join the college.

Cannabis has always been politicized, especially after Congress enacted the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This act alone, which has been around for almost 60 years, has squandered so much money from the treasury with no tangible benefits to curbing drug use. The same happened during alcohol prohibition. But people had the sense to repeal prohibition shortly after the experiment was deemed a failure. For some reason, modern Americans are very slow or don’t have the common sense to force their lawmakers to change laws. Maybe it’s the power of propaganda through our television sets, who knows.  But it is important to understand that laws are enacted by humans, so they can surely be repealed by humans. Nothing is set in stone.

That said, having the Texas coach fired because of his political stance about cannabis sends a good message to everyone: it’s time to end the prohibition on cannabis. We have stated many arguments throughout all of our articles, but a good summary can be found here. On to the state-by-state WeedUpdate.

WeedUpdate from Across the Country

There is a lot of traction on a state-by-state basis, but the feds are still lagging behind. Despite all this support, we still haven’t seen any serious bills being discussed or passed. Congress is the only way that we can end marijuana prohibition. The courts won’t help us, and neither will the DEA.


Arkansas finally names the five companies approved to grow and provide medical marijuana for licensed dispensaries, which will be a maximum of 32. According to the Merced-Sun Star, the five companies are Natural State Medicinal Cultivation in Jefferson County, Bold Team LLC in Woodruff County, Natural State Wellness Enterprises in Jefferson or Jackson County, Osage Creek Cultivation in Carroll County and Delta Medical Cannabis Company Inc. in Jackson County.


A new bill was introduced to protect medical marijuana patients from discrimination by employers. The bill basically adds medical marijuana users as a protected class of people under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Maine passed a similar law this year, but that law protects employees using recreational cannabis outside of work-related hours.


The city of Savannah has decriminalized cannabis for first-time offenders. The new law will have a fine of maximum $150 or community service if they cannot afford it. The good news is that there will be no jail time for marijuana possession. That’s the type of thinking we need more of!


Voters will get a chance to vote on whether to regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol. However, this is a non-binding referendum to just get an indication of what the voters of thinking. This way, state lawmakers can continue with confidence in laying down the framework for legalization. Right now, two legalization bills have been stalled, but if the voters show their approval, then the bills will be revitalized with new life.


Veterans in the great state of Kentucky have been pushing lawmakers to allow for the legalization of medical marijuana. One senator, Senator Albert Robinson, is open to holding a hearing on medical marijuana in 2019. He is an important ally in legalization efforts in the state because he is also the chair of the Senate Committee on Veteran, Military Affairs, and Public Protection.

To appease Senator Robinson, and encourage him to look at a bill this year, Senator Morgan McGarvey introduced a stricter medical marijuana bill. He believes this bill has a better chance of passing this year. Fingers crossed, Kentucky!

New Jersey

Yet another Garden State city is planning on banning marijuana sales and paraphernalia. This time it’s the Wall Township. To each their own, but it won’t stop their residents from driving to nearby towns to purchase legal weed. Recreational marijuana is not a popular subject amongst the many New Jersey townships. But once they see that it is not a big deal (people are going to purchase and consume weed anyway) and that they can increase their tax revenue, they will come around.


Oklahoma is one of the states that have no laws legalizing marijuana, but a new bill proposes the creation of the Oklahoma Cannabis Commission. This commission will oversee the industry should voters legalize it in June.

Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders are expected to vote on whether the state should legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older. The vote is non-binding, but it gives lawmakers an indication of what the voters want. If the voters show a definite “yes”, then we can expect to see it on the ballot by 2019.


A medical marijuana bill has cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee and is on its way to a hearing in front of a full committee. Lawmakers made it clear that they are not “destigmatizing” cannabis, but that they want people to feel better and become productive citizens. This is sound and compassionate policy. We thank the Tennessee state lawmakers.

West Virginia

The state legislator passed the medical marijuana bill in 2017, but it doesn’t go into effect until 2019. However, lawmakers are projecting way more demand than anticipated. So, they have increased the number of permits/licenses for growing and for dispensaries to deal with increased projected demand. Last week, a letter was sent to the state senate showing support for legalizing recreational marijuana, and that it will be the state’s next billion-dollar industry.

Again, the Texas coach fired for his political stance on cannabis is a positive sign that marijuana prohibition is in its final years.

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