Federal Marijuana Legalization Now Inevitable As Democrats Win the House & Jeff Sessions Resigns

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Last week, Mexico’s Supreme Court legalized cannabis, making the US the only country in North America with a ban on marijuana legalization. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. Land of the free?

The country, however, has been very busy this week with the Midterm Elections. As expected, we saw the Republicans retain the Senate, while the Democrats won back the House. And although the nation seems divided politically, the majority of Americans agree on one thing: legalize cannabis.

With Jeff Sessions resigning today, the road to legalization just got a little easier. Now that the Democrats have secured the House, hopefully, they will go ahead with the plan suggested by Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon to legalize cannabis at the federal level by the end of 2019. It looks like they knew from then that they would win back the House. Nonetheless, this is good news for the marijuana industry. Hopefully, the priority goes to making it legal for banks to do business with cannabis and cannabis-related businesses.

While most of the news was about the run-up to the mid-term election and cannabis legalization in Canada and Mexico, there are some great updates from across the country that will update our States with Legal Weed Map.

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State-By-State WeedUpdate


As we predicted last week, Michigan voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Congratulations! The law is said to go into effect 10 days after the votes have been certified. So, very soon. Michiganders will have a very merry Christmas this year.


Voters in the great state of Missouri voted to legalize medical marijuana. That is amazing news for a state that had no laws legalizing cannabis. Missouri is now the 31st State that has legalized medical marijuana. The state will impose a 4% tax to pay for the program and will contribute any surpluses to the Veteran’s commission.

North Dakota

Last week, the North Dakota Department of Health announced that it is now open to receive medical marijuana applications from patients and caregivers. Patients just need to submit a photo ID and certified letter from their caregiver that they will benefit from medical marijuana. Similarly, caregivers need to submit a photo ID but need to complete a criminal background check. Both applications will cost $50. You can check out the official instructions here.

That said, North Dakota, unfortunately, rejected legalizing recreational cannabis. It seems that they are just not ready to end prohibition, yet.

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Utah approved medical marijuana yesterday. A big surprise for this ultra-conservative quasi-theocratic State. Final touches to the legislation still need to be finalized, with an approval from the state legislature, probably the Mormon Church, and the governor. So, we’ll see what kind of law we end up with when it’s all said and done.


On Tuesday, 16 cities were asked– by referendum– if they would approve legislation legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. The majority of the voters approved the referendums, giving lawmakers a strong indication to begin drafting laws legalizing cannabis. This is another victory for the marijuana industry!

All of these states approving medical or marijuana legalization should send a message to the feds, but especially to the Trump administration, that the US is ready to end its prohibition on cannabis

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