2018 – The Year the Federal Government Legalizes Cannabis

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Could 2018 be the Year the Federal Government Legalizes Weed?

We covered the fact that Jeff Sessions actions will force the federal government (Congress) to change the law regarding marijuana, and now we see it happening. For example, Dana Rohrabacher (R) is optimistic about Congress passing legislation allowing states to make up their minds on cannabis legalization.

It looks like 2018 might be the year that the federal government legalizes cannabis, in some sense. Not enforcing the CSA is quasi-legalization, isn’t it? It’s a significant first step and may lead to complete legalization at the federal level. That would increase funding for research and would focus resources on real problems, like judicial corruption.

Perhaps AG Sessions meant to do what he did so that Congress could do something about it. Let’s think about this. His job is to enforce the law. Federal law still says that marijuana is illegal. A memo should not have the power to stop that enforcement; only congress has that ability. Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, forcing our representatives to do something about it. And as reported before, there have been many bills that are being introduced. Even hardcore conservatives are coming around. According to Business Insider, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Tom Tillis, will seriously discuss legalizing cannabis this year. Although he is not a proponent of legalization in general, he will take arguments seriously.

Could it be happening? We should probably thank AG Sessions for his help in pushing Congress to act.

WeedUpdate from Across the Country


Medical Marijuana Consumer Protection Bill introduced,  but the governor might veto it. He allegedly is of the opinion that there is no apparent medicinal value to marijuana. Keep up the fight Arizonians, and find your legislators here.


The city of Compton, which brought us Dr. Dre and “The Chronic,” banned recreational marijuana. The city just feels it is not a good idea to allow it. However, in other areas of California, there is an excellent revival of commercial property taking place. The central valley has seen a considerable uptick in new renters paying premium dollars for property to be used for growing. Central Valley has the ideal climate in the world for cultivation. Maybe hemp farming could also be legalized. New Jersey just did it.  That would be an even more significant boost to the economy.


Lawmakers are discussing proposed legislation to allow for legal weed delivery. It would encompass the distribution of both medical and recreational marijuana to homes. The purpose is to decrease the number of DUIs. Strange this wasn’t already allowed.


In 2016, voters voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana, but now state lawmakers are trying to delay retail marijuana sales. The reason is the lack of regulatory framework able to handle such an industry. A proposed amendment limits the delay to January 31st, 2019.


A councilman from Jackson City put forth a proposal to decriminalize cannabis by making the possession of 30 grams or less a small crime. The punishment would be a ticket of no more than $100. According to the article, black cannabis users are 77% more likely to get arrested than white users. This is sensible policy and should be supported.

New Jersey

Finally, the Recreational Marijuana Bill has been introduced to the state Senate. It looks like the governor is on track to legalize recreational marijuana in his first 100 days in office. The bill includes provisions that protect employees from being fired by their employers for marijuana use when consuming cannabis off-work hours.

An even better bill being introduced is for legalizing hemp farming.  That is a big deal and is even more important than legalizing cannabis. Hemp is so versatile that it can be used for paper, rope, and textiles. Also, Plastics, rubber, and bio-diesel. Furthermore, hemp is being used in foods, vitamins, and soap products. It is a real miracle, and the farmers in New Jersey will be doing very well from this legislation. Congratulations.


Sure, Vermont legalized recreational marijuana, but it is now thinking of enacting a draconian law allowing law enforcement to collect and test drivers’ saliva on the spot. One, it is not backed by science, and two it is incredibly invasive. Having THC in your body does not necessarily mean you are intoxicated or impaired. Does legalization mean more invasiveness? Then no thank you, keep it illegal.


A bill decriminalizing cannabis possession of small amount was killed by a Virginia state Senate committee. Not kind news, however, there is some good news regarding Cannabidiol (CBD). The state is going to allow individuals with ailments other than epilepsy to use CBD to manage their pain.

Decriminalization/legalization still needs to occur, especially if you care that the arrests for possession are almost always targeting minorities, despite there being no statistical difference in use among different races. Contact your representatives and let them know you support marijuana decriminalization.

A lot going in the country and federal government regarding cannabis legalization. We hope you enjoyed today’s WeedUpdate. Support us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our YouTube channel, and signing up for a WeedUpdate straight to your inbox.


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