The Black Budget and Legal Pot

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The Black Budget and Legal Pot

Ever since the New York Times did a piece on a Department of Defense (DoD) UFO monitoring project that got shut-down, the media coverage has been vast. The news is everywhere and discussed by practically everyone. But come on, $22 million? The real UFO black budget is probably around $22 trillion. So, let’s not kid ourselves here.

One news to coincide with the UFO program is a separate project (not DoD) that has figured out a way to grow marijuana in deep space. This project, of course, is gearing up for the planned trips to Mars. It’s nice to know that Libertarians will be the first to colonize the red planet. Don’t forget the small government and Austrian economic teachings fellas– make them sacrament!

There has been a lot of news around the country in regards to marijuana legalization, with California going live very soon. The world’s 6th largest economy is about to undergo an awesome experience. One that only California can do well. Their history of creating, cultivating and growing businesses into 100 billion dollar industries will also happen to the legal pot industry. 2018 will be an excellent year for legal weed.

WeedUpdate on Legal Pot from Around the Country

California: Marijuana will be legal in California in 11 days. However, it remains illegal under federal law. That makes banks very hesitant to do business with legitimate pot companies. So, the Golden State will set up its very own “marijuana clearinghouse.” Genius.

Colorado: The real data from Colorado shows everything from teen marijuana use to the number of homeless people declining since legalizing marijuana. An entirely different picture than what is being touted by AG Sessions and his cohorts of marijuana-hating zealots. Furthermore, a federal report from 2015, presented data that shows teen use of pot is slightly down, despite legalization in the state.

It just goes to the point that legalization gets rid of the glamour and stigma of doing something “illegal”. Plus, prohibition never ends anything, it only restricts people’s freedoms of choice. And nobody hates to be confined more than teenagers.

The chief medical officer is also happy to report that there has been no increase in teen-use of pot since the state legalized cannabis. At the same time, the city of Denver launches a campaign to educate teens about the “costs” of marijuana use. Strange indeed.

Idaho: Idaho is known for its harsh stance on Marijuana, despite it being bordered by Washington, Oregon and Nevada—states that have all legalized recreational marijuana. But to outlaw the use of CBD is outright insane. This business has been fighting to open up a store that sells CBD, but local officials are not allowing him. Idaho is one of the 13 states that have not enacted any marijuana legalization laws.

Indiana: The First Church of Cannabis is suing the Indiana state for infringing on their religious freedoms for not allowing legal pot. They cite a recent law, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in their lawsuit. Read more here. Indiana is one of the 13 states with no laws on the books legalizing recreational or medicinal cannabis.

Maine: Maine’s Medicaid program is going to expand to $54 million, and legal pot (recreational marijuana) is going to help pay for it. Full-blown legalization is supposed to start in February of 2018. However, a licensing structure has neither been designed nor implemented.

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The Black Budget and Legal Pot
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The Black Budget and Legal Pot
All this talk about the DoD UFO program has made us miss one thing (other than the fact that $22 million is a drop in the black budget ocean). Scientists can now grow legal pot in space. And other legalization news from around the country.
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