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WeedUpdate (Weed Update) Patreon Support

It takes a significant amount of time to sift through news alerts to create a great national and state-by-state WeedUpdate. Furthermore, we convert those updates into videos for YouTube and Bitchute, followed by our newsletter when there is enough content to send out.

Initially, we thought that ads and affiliate marketing would be enough, but unfortunately, it is not. We have been forced to focus on other projects that pay for our efforts, but we have noticed that WeedUpdate has a growing audience on the site and on our video channels.

Since there is demand for what we offer, we would love to continue updating individuals on cannabis legalization issues. However, we can only do so with some monthly donations for our efforts. Therefore, we have opened up a Patreon account and would appreciate any support from the community. This way we can continue with our WeedUpdates, videos, and newsletters.

You can visit our Patreon page here.

Again, thank you for all your support!