How Marijuana Legalization Can Affect Us? 

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In the present day world, people have begun to know about the importance of marijuana legalization and its potential commercial and health benefits. They have started to form a strong opinion about the importance that it should be legalized just like alcohol and tobacco.

The debates and discussions over marijuana legalization are just one of the many ways the political landscape would change as the world comes to terms with drug and criminal justice policies.

Marijuana Legalization

Here’s a list of 7 ways how marijuana legalization can affect us:

1. Improved Quality & Safety

Legalizing marijuana will immediately create a collection of standards for the quality control of marijuana and will help improve the safety standards.

Improved quality and safety control due to the legalization will create less of a burden on the medical system of the country. There will be less risk of serious problems taking place because of the overdoses due to unknown substances hidden in the marijuana that is sold illegally on the streets.

marijuana legalization

2. Inflated Tax Revenue

Increase in the tax revenue will be one of the biggest advantages of the legalization of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana in few states has already helped in increasing at least $132 billion in tax revenue of the country.

3. Availability of Medical Marijuana

Making medical marijuana products available in the country would result in improvement in public health. It would certainly be less of a drain on the country’s healthcare system. As there’s a huge availability of marijuana seeds in the USA, a variety of marijuana based medical and cosmetic products like CBD oil, CBD creams, pills, eatables, etc are out in the markets.

Cannabis can help treat various disease and health problems like Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Migraines, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Cancer, Problems due to chemotherapy, Chronic pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Psychosis, Insomnia, Loss of appetite, Nausea, Seizures and many more.

marijuana legalization

You can easily find out about how to grow weed and grow completely organic marijuana in your own backyard.

4. Dismantling the Black Market

The legalization of marijuana could either put the black market out of the business or can make them go legit. After it’s legalization in a few states, the black market has started to diminish and will be soon completely gone.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are available for people to obtain marijuana legally for medicinal purposes. They are registered with the state, regulated by the law and are taxed. This is definitely a good news for everyone involved in the marijuana business- the producers and the users as well.

5. Decrease in Drug Violence

Drug violence has been a very realistic part of life in many urban and the rural areas around the country. But the legalization of medical as well as recreational marijuana would certainly eradicate this as one of the sources of conflict.

In the states where marijuana is completely legal, those who encounter any injustice regarding the use and purchase of marijuana can now turn to the police. The court system would provide lawful support rather than turning to vigilantism. This will ensure the safety of the public and will protect the innocent victims from drug violence.

6. Generates Jobs and Income

Setting up medical marijuana dispensaries and nurseries have created a lot of job opportunities. You can now also order marijuana from an online dispensary. the helped create numerous jobs opportunities for people around the world.  It also helped in establishing and developing the economic activity in the marijuana industry.

marijuana legalization

It is approximately estimated that at least 81,000 direct and indirect jobs have been produced due to the marijuana legalization and there’s a huge increase in the total labor income by $3.5 billion.

7.  Being a Substitute to Opioids

A lot of people around the world have been severely addicted to the consumption of opioids. It is largely being consumed by people as a result of an occupational accident or a constant medical issue. These people are now finding it difficult to escape from using opioid products in their daily lives. Medical marijuana represents a great substitute to these opioids. Marijuana doctors believe that the states where marijuana is legal have fewer opioid-related deaths as compared to the other states.

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