The Perks of Using the Vape Mod System

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You have been smoking for a while in spite of knowing that it is injurious to health and one fine day, you hear that vape mods are safe enough to get the same experience with fewer risks, both to you and people around you. Looking to try them out?  You are in the right place!! This article explores the Perks of Using the Vape Mod System.

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Let us have a look at the kinds of vapes available in the market before taking a dive into the topic:

1. Pen Style Vapes (Mods)

As the name suggests, these vapes resemble a pen. They can be carried around just like a pen. They come with a vape mod battery and a firing button, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. They are extremely easy and simple to use for beginners. Water vapor pen is the most popular type of pen style vape.

2. Pod Mod Systems

These are slightly improvised versions of pen vapes. They have liquid refills, which you can plug into your device and use it right away. No filling business.

Vape, vaping, vaporizers, vape mods

3. Box Mods

These are the next devices that come with the evolution of Vape Mods. They are a bit bulky to carry around but give good battery backup and power.

4.  Mechanical Mods

This type of Mods is for pros who would like to customize their device to suit their requirements or would like to play with coils. These are compulsorily for experienced vape users. They can be bought from various marijuana dispensaries.

Now, with these basics, here we go with the perks of using the vape mod system.

Modern electronic mod vaping device. Vape. Vape, vaping, vaporizers, vape mods

Advantages of Using Vape Mod System

1. No Problem of Ashes or Cigarette Butts

If you are/were a smoker, you must have experienced this. You get that itch to smoke, probably the most in some public place, and you are prohibited from doing it. Then, you will have to run looking for the exclusive smoking room, by then, you are exhausted. Vape mods solve this problem. Vape mods are not yet prohibited in public places and it is not very disturbing to pull it out and take a puff. What more, you are saved from cleaning up ashtrays, as there will be no residue from a vape. It is an e-liquid that works here. It evaporates to give the desired experience.

2. Less Irritation to People Around You

Any normal person can tell you this – It is very annoying to see people smoking in front of them, not only in public places but also everywhere. Even family members are not spared from the wrath of the smoke-haters. If you have been cursed before for smoking, it’s high time you switch to vapes. They give the same effect without causing any irritation to others around you.

Vape, vaping, vaporizers, vape mods

3. Increased Effectiveness

Cigarettes come with their burnt smells and ashes, which sometimes spoils the entire experience of smoking. Plus, that also makes you smell bad to people while you talk or cough. Vapes do not give out the ugly burnt smell of the ingredients. They give clean vapors and also increase the concentration of the drugs entering the body, thus enhancing the experience and being cleanliness friendly because of zero ash released.

4. Selection of Flavours

While smoking offers only the smell of tobacco (or the weed) and the burnt ingredients, vapes have a lot to offer. Yes, you are no more compelled to inhale the same tobacco/nicotine smell. Vapes are to be filled with e-liquids which come in a variety of flavors, right from Banana Nut Bread to various fruity flavors to slightly tobacco flavored. If you consume marijuana, there are marijuana e-liquids available, which give greater highs without the risk of burning. Due to the legalization of marijuana seeds in the USA, these e-liquids are now widely available throughout. This is one of the reasons why Vapes are so popular.

Vape, vaping, vaporizers, vape mods

5. Vaping as a Sport

The craze for creating smoke rings has modified itself to cloud creating in the arena of vapes. Actually, vaping has become a sport nowadays. There are clubs dedicated to vaping where pros come up with various mechanical mods and compete on cloud-creation. This is an emerging trend in the field.

6. Vaping for Medication

Whether you get that flu or you suffer from sinusitis, vapes with medicinal oils (like eucalyptus, lime, etc) and/or medicines can be used to soothe your symptoms and give you quick relief. Vapes are actually favorite of those suffering from asthma. Many medical marijuana doctors have been actively prescribing marijuana for various chronic conditions too.

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