Former Dean of USAFSOS Fights Wrongful Dismissal

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The recently former dean of the US Air Force Special Ops School (USAFSOS) is suing for wrongful termination relating to his use of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant and remains illegal under federal law –except in cases of extreme epilepsy. However, the former dean, Henry Cobbs, is fighting cancer and was prescribed CBD from a doctor to help combat the illness. Tests are showing that the treatment is working.

Cobbs chose for the CBD to be delivered to his body by vaping. There are many ways that CBD can be delivered, like under the tongue, mixed in water, or capsules. CBD is even being given to pets in the form of pet treats. It is also legal in all 50 states, so Cobbs will be fighting his dismissal and we hope he wins.

There are bills now in Congress that will help decide this case if they are passed. Including this one regarding the Veterans Affairs (VA) being able to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans. So, find your representative and let them know your opinion regarding CBD and Cannabis legalization. They really listen to their constituents.

Federal WeedUpdate (Bankers to the Rescue)?

Despite the financial world not being approving of Elon Musk partaking in cannabis consumption on the Joe Rogan podcast, 13 financial regulators from 13 states have jointly signed a letter to Congress. In the letter, they urge Congress to take actions to give Safe Harbor to financial institutions that do business with legal cannabis companies.

They also urge them to solve the discrepancy between federal and state laws regarding legal weed. So, will this new push from the banking industry finally push Congress to do something? If anyone has any clout it’s the banking industry (Ahem, TARP), so this letter will definitely convince many lawmakers to support bills which are ready to be passed.

Right now, we have Senator Schumer’s Marijuana Freedom Opportunity Act (2018), and Corey Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act (2017), and the STATE’s Act (2018)that have been introduced at the federal level. However, is giving all of those bills 4% and less of a chance of ever being passed. It’s because the data they are analyzing (bills historically passed) is not an accurate way to analyze what is really happening. With all the momentum from state elections and important senators introducing new bills legalizing cannabis, the chances of passing are significantly higher. 

Be a part of getting these bills passed. Find your representatives and let them know your opinions on cannabis legalization.

WeedUpdate From Across the Country


Delaware decriminalized cannabis three years ago. This week they passed legislation that would expunge the records of those with convictions before 2015. This is great news and will help thousands improve their lives by helping them re-enter the job market, for example.

New Hampshire

It’s debate time in the Granite State, and it has been reported that both Democratic candidates support the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes. They say it’s time to legalize it, regulate it, and tax it like alcohol. Find your representative and let them know your opinion regarding cannabis legalization.

New York

The New York Police Department has officially stopped arresting residents for marijuana. This comes after an announcement in June from Mayor De Blasio regarding “relaxed enforcement.” There are exceptions, of course. They will only arrest people that have a warrant, a violent criminal record, don’t show their ID, or are driving while under the influence. Instead, officers will issue court summonses.

Recently, Cynthia Nixon and Governor Cuomo debated cannabis legalization (and many other issues) at a state’s Democratic primary debate. Nixon has been a strong proponent of legal weed. Her announcement of her stance on legalizing marijuana got her good publicity and forced Cuomo to begin taking actions toward marijuana legalization.

Cuomo is now launching 15 listening sessions across New York state to listen to residents’ opinion on regulating and taxing cannabis like alcohol. If you are a resident of New York, make sure you register and show up so that lawmakers can hear from you. You can also find your representatives using our tool and letting them know your opinions on cannabis legalization.

North Dakota

Measure 3 on the next North Dakota ballot gives residents the opportunity to make cannabis legal for recreational use. But now there is a new group aimed at convincing voters to vote against legalization. The group states that taking a “wait and see” strategy is a much safer and wiser path to embark on.


The Ohio medical marijuana program was supposed to , on September 8th, 2018, but it has been delayed. There are many reasons for the delay cited, such as growers receiving licenses in July, meaning crops will not be ready until December. The State’s Medical Marijuana Control Program says that the process of building out this program will be done in a manner that ensures public safety.


The city of Lancaster is thinking about decriminalizing cannabis. This is sound public policy and will stop these convictions from ruining the lives of people. Other cities have also decriminalized cannabis, and this proposed regulation is similar to the one passed in Harrisburg. A committee is meeting Tuesday, September 11th, 2018.

Find your representative and let them know your thoughts regarding cannabis legalization.

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