Difference Between Vaporizer Bag Vs. Whip Attachment

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While the majority of vape enthusiasts have invested in portable vapes that they can use on the go, there are still much larger devices for those who vape at home and enjoy powerful, flavorful vapor. However, these larger devices often contain much different external components and attachments than their portable relatives. If you are considering purchasing a desktop vaporizer and you need some direction on which how to choose, here is an article about the difference between a vaporizer bag and a whip attachment.

What’s a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is an electronic device that allows you to vaporize dry herbs and inhale the vapors for more benefit than smoking. Dry herb vapes make use of special coils or heating sources to heat up herbs within the device’s inner chamber. Once the herbs reach a certain temperature, the active ingredients within the herbs turn into thevapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece on your device.

Desktop Vaporizer

There are essentially two different kinds of dry herb vaporizer devices that you can choose from when you begin shopping around for devices: portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. This article is going to focus on the latter. They are much larger devices that require direct power sources in order to accommodate their vaporizing needs. Desktop vaporizers are great for those enjoy powerful, flavorful vape sessions and long vape sessions with multiple people.

Desktop vapes are different because they generally need to be plugged into an outlet to power up. Rather than using a battery and charging it when needed, you need to have it plugged in. They are also bigger than most devices and will be noticeable on the table, unlike a discreet vape pen.

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  • Power:One of the reasons people love stationary tabletop units is because of the raw power it holds. It doesn’t use a battery which can get weaker over time. Using an outlet, the power stays consistent and can even reach higher output.
  • Vapor Quality: Since the power is staying consistent, your vapor quality will too. Desktop vapes generally all come with the ability to change temperatures. Doing a little trial and error, you can find which is the right temperature to set at.
  • Group Sessions: If you like to vape with friends or in a group, desktop vapes will be much better. Handing a portable vape to your friend, then waiting for it to heat up can take a long time. The desktop vape is continuously heating the vapor so you’re ready to vape when you want.


  • Can’t Vape on the Go: Some people love portable vaporizers for their sheer ease of use when you’re mobile. Not everyone can vape at home since they need to be discreet with their use. 

Whip Attachment

The whip attachment is one of the first methods used for desktop vaporizers. This attachment features a  portion that holds your dry herbs and essentially serves as the chamber. The whip is a long tube that carries the vapor and allows it to cool down before it reaches your mouth. It is usually made from medical or food grade tubing. The ends have a glass chamber and a glass mouthpiece. 

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  • Using a vaporizer with a whip attachment gives you the ability to continuously inhale as much vapor as you would like. The balloon bag method usually only allow you to vape whatever amount of vapor is filled in the bag.
  • Since you will be using a whip attachment with your desktop vaporizer, there is no need to struggle with set up or wait time. All you have to do is plug it in and start vaping!
  • With long, slow draws, you will have flavorful hits each time that you go to use your vaporizer.


  • While a whip attachment does make for easier usage, it restricts you from being able to move around freely. If you want to vape in another room, you will have to take your desktop vaporizer with you where you choose to go.
  • You won’t always get consistent hits when you are using a whip attachment. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using a whip attachment. You have to figure out what works best for you when it comes to technique.
  • Maintenance is a little harder since whips contain a longer length. It requires much more inner tubing to clean than other devices and attachments.


The whip attachment on a vape is perfect for those who like to sit around with their circle of friends and enjoy long vape sessions. If you don’t need a vape that can handle a ton of people and prefer convenient vaping, the whip attachment is perfect for you.

Balloon Bag

The balloon bag attachment is one of the most highly-praised and utilized attachments for desktop vaping. It is essentially a balloon that attaches itself to the end of the desktop vaporizer. A fan passes hot air through the herbs and produces vapor. It’s forced into your balloon bag with a valve to keep the vapor in. When you want to vape, simply inhale from the end of the bag. This is the most portable you can get with these. It allows you to vape it in other areas of your house without moving the entire unit.

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  • A whip attachment confines you to the immediate space around your desktop vaporizer. The balloon bag attachment gives you the freedom to move around and vape wherever you please as long as there is vapor inside of the bag.
  • The balloon bag method is considered superior because it utilizes a forced air convection system. This means that you are going to have excellent vapor quality and flavor each time that you fill the balloon bag. Each hit is consistent, flavorful, and powerful.
  • With a whip attachment, you can expect to deal with hot vapor since the herbs heat up at the end of the tubing. They don’t have much time to cool down before they reach your mouth. With a balloon bag attachment, your vapors have time to cool down within the bag. This won’t cause any lung or throat irritation.
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  • Even though your balloon bag gives you the ability to move freely throughout your house, you only have a limited amount of vapor contained within your balloon bag. This means that you will eventually have to go back to your desktop vaporizer and refill the balloon.
  • When you use the whip attachment, you don’t have to wait for herbs to heat up. You can inhale the vapor as it’s heating up. Using a balloon bag attachment means that you will have to wait for the herbs to heat up. You will also have to set up the balloon bag attachment so that you can fill it with vapor. If you don’t like waiting, this process is going to take forever.
  • You can clean and reuse whip attachments but you will not be so fortunate with balloon bags. These attachments are designed to last for so many uses. They will need to be replaced once they’ve run their course. Even though they are meant to be disposable, they’re not pricey.


This method is flavorful and is great for increased portability without having to purchase a portable vaporizer. If you are someone who enjoys getting the most out of your dry herbs in terms of flavors and moving around during parties, you will love this. It’s also great at events that you are going to be sharing with friends.

Which One Is Better – Balloon Bag or Which Attachment?

The answer to this question truly depends upon the vaping experience that you are looking to achieve. That being said, the general answer to this question is the balloon bag attachment. Although it takes a little longer to set up and use, the vapor quality is always superior compared to that of the whip attachment, which is often inconsistent. This attachment also provides you with the benefit of convenience and portability so that you do not have to take your desktop vaporizer with you whenever you want to use it. Overall, if you are in the market for a desktop vaporizer and you are seeking out the best attachment, go with the balloon bag attachment.

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