Vermont Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

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Vermont Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

Vermont is the first state to legalize cannabis through the act of the legislator. All of the other states preceding it were done through the act of voters. This is happening  in complete defiance of Jeff Sessions rescinding the Cole Memo, which we reported will result in congress changing the law  regarding cannabis. And, that is exactly what is happening.

Laws on Cannabis will Change at the Federal Level

Because of Jeff Sessions’ actions, countless of laws are being pushed into the House. For example, House Democrats introduced legislation to legalize cannabis at the federal level. But the law even goes further and expunges the convictions of individuals arrested for marijuana crimes. In fact, there are six different laws legalizing cannabis in some way. This is a great development for the industry, and supporters should use this momentum to push for the approval of just one of these bills.

To add more to the support, 19 Attorneys General from across multiple states are begging that even more legislation is passed to allow states that have legalized cannabis to be able to use the banking industry. Finally, another bill introduces even stronger language to leave states that have legalized cannabis alone.

It looks like Jeff Sessions’ actions backfired? Or did he plan it this way? Either way, it has awoken and united people from across the spectrum to do everything and anything to protect the multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry. You have spoken. The power of the people is real.

WeedUpdate from Across the Country


The city of Los Angeles is finally live with 55 permits issued by the city as of last week. Many of the shops are medical marijuana shops that are now serving anyone with an I.D. that is 21 and older. Exciting times for freedom loving people.


Lawmakers in Illinois held a meeting to discuss the legalization of recreational marijuana. The lawmakers will hear from both sides of the aisle, but we hope they choose the sensible side of legalization.


State legislators are drafting legislation that would “prohibit state and municipal employees from cooperating with federal investigators intending to prosecute legally-operating marijuana businesses under state law.” Not only is there backlash against the AG at the federal level, but now states are beginning to protect themselves.

New Jersey

Even though New Jersey’s new Governor is spearheading legalizing marijuana through the legislator, it doesn’t look like it will be that easy. According to, “It’s far from a slam-dunk for marijuana legalization.”

New York

Governor Cuomo approved funding for a feasibility study to be done on legalizing marijuana in the Empire State. They feel the pressure because of all the states surrounding them legalizing the miracle plant.


Great news for legalization advocates in Nebraska. Medical Marijuana has been put on the 2018 ballot. A first for a state with no marijuana legalization laws on the books. Now it’s up to the voters to get it done.


Tennessee is one of the states with no laws legalizing cannabis. But two Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to legalize medical marijuana. For individuals with terminal illness, it’s the compassionate thing to do.


With mounting evidence about the medicinal benefits of marijuana, a new bill introduces the opportunity for terminally ill patience to try cannabis to ease their pain. However, the product will be grown by the Utah Department of Agriculture.


A conference was held last Sunday to help push lawmakers to decriminalize cannabis in the state. It’s an important step for a state with no laws legalizing marijuana.

West Virginia

West Virginia passed the Medical Cannabis Act of 2017, but had serious limitations. This new bill attempts to expand on the original bill to include edibles and the ability to grow plants at home.

There is some great news happening at both the federal and state level. This is all due to the awareness brought on by all the supporters and activists. Our hats off to all of you!

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