Marijuana Legalization – 5 Years of Legal Weed

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Marijuana Legalization – Happy Anniversary Mary Jane

God Bless America and God bless the open minds of the voters of Colorado and Washington.

This week in November 2012, Colorado and Washington residents voted for the ability to buy, sell, and consume marijuana recreationally. It was also the first step in the national marijuana legalization movement which has covered considerable ground since then.

There are many great reasons for Marijuana Legalization, but for some reason, the Feds continue to threaten states that have legalized the miracle plant. Despite the negativity coming from central planners, there is some great news coming from the free market.

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Veterans Support Marijuana Legalization

War is a racket. It is also extremely stressful on the human body and psyche. Some of our beloved veterans suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. But the healthcare industry hasn’t helped them. Instead, they have unfortunately contributed to the opioid epidemic –something the president now considers a public health emergency.

The American Legion, an organization created by Congress in 1919 to support our patriotic veterans, shared the results of a national survey regarding the legalization of medicinal marijuana. The group advocates research into alternative medicines, which includes Cannabis. This advocacy is a big deal coming from an organization that looks after our veterans. They listen to their needs and become their advocates and lobbyists in Washington, so we should take this announcement very seriously.

It must be made clear, however, that the American Legion is not advocating the recreational use of marijuana, but they are promoting for cannabis to be removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substance Act to conduct more research.

Preface of study: Veterans that experience positive results with medicinal marijuana pushed for the research. Cannabis is improperly categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, since it doesn’t kill anyone. However, Opioids are Schedule 2 and 3 drugs, even though they have killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. Veterans are suffering ,and we owe it to them to research cannabis officially and scientifically. This study was bipartisan and split right down the middle between liberals and conservatives. 

  • 92% support research into medical cannabis for PTSD and chronic pain.
  • 82% support that medical cannabis becomes a federally legal treatment option.
  • 83% support that marijuana becomes federally legal.
  • Only 22% of respondents said that they already use medical cannabis for treatment.
  • Only 40% lived in a state where they have medical marijuana laws.

If you want to help the American Legion urge Congress to take action, please visit this page. It is important that our veterans –and others suffering from chronic pain– get alternative treatments that can improve their lives.

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Pennsylvania Begins Training Doctors for Medical Marijuana

The Department of Health in Pennsylvania announced that over 100 doctors would be trained to certify if patients need to be prescribed medicinal marijuana. The is an essential step for marijuana legalization in a state that was not too fond of the idea a few years ago. Patients must first register with the department of health and can purchase medical marijuana at one of the 27 dispensaries across the state. You can find more about the medical marijuana law in Pennsylvania here.

Marijuana legalization at the state level is an essential step to one day convince the federal government to either legalize it or get it off the Schedule 1 list, which it clearly does not belong to. Make sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, and discuss marijuana issues in the WeedUpdate Forum.

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